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Choose South Vic Plumbing for local, personalized service. Our commitment to integrity, efficiency, and professionalism guarantees excellence, quick response, and competitive pricing.

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Welcome to South Vic Plumbing, your local solution for all plumbing needs. Managed by Jake Harty, a registered and licensed plumber with 12 years of experience, our company is reputed for its integrity, efficiency, professionalism, and excellence. We specialize in domestic plumbing maintenance, facility and body cooperate asset maintenance, hot water service upgrades, rural pump systems, Rain water tanks, and water filtration. Operating in Geelong, Victoria, and surrounding areas, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Guided by our mission to provide efficient and effective trade services, we aim to preserve the environment and contribute to the local community through sustainable plans. Trust in South Vic Plumbing, where modern knowledge and service meet.


Hot Water Replacement

South Vic Plumbing offers swift and efficient hot water unit replacements. We ensure the same day replacement and removal of your existing unit. Beyond replacement, we also cater to hot water unit upgrades and servicing, providing you with an uninterrupted hot water supply.

Blocked Drains

Our experts employ CCTV camera drainage lines to diagnose the root of the issue causing the blockage. With modern equipment like drain coil and drain jetter, we effectively handle root systems blockages in pipework and clear any drain obstructions.

Water and Gas

Increase the efficiency of your home with us as we upgrade water and gas lines for enhanced pressure and purity. Our experts are equipped to even add extra points to your property, preventing water and gas leaks and helping you save on household bills.

Real Estate and Corporate Plumbing Management

Specializing in real estate and corporate plumbing works, we provide efficient and timely management for rental properties and facilities. Apart from emergency services and minor general maintenance, we also provide detailed reports to key stakeholders when and as requested.

Septic Tank

Experiencing frequent septic tank issues or noticing unpleasant odors in your backyard? It’s time to call the rural plumbing experts at South Vic Plumbing. We specialize in septic tank services, providing professional and efficient solutions to keep your septic system in peak condition.

Agricultural Plumbing

Agriculture is the lifeblood of the southwest Victoria, and at South Vic Plumbing, we know just how essential reliable water management is to your farm’s success. Born and raised in farming regions, our management team holds a personal connection to the land and understands the intricacies of agricultural plumbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

South Vic Plumbing is Managed by Mr. Jake Harty.

South Vic Plumbing is owned by Mr. Jake Harty.

South Vic Plumbing is located in Geelong, Victoria, 3220.

South Vic Plumbing has been in operation for 1 year but our team has an experience of 12 years.

We offer a variety of services including hot water replacement, drain unblocking, appliance installations, roof repairs, water and gas line upgrades. We also specialize in plumbing management for real estate and corporate purposes.

Our hot water replacement service guarantees same day replacement of your hot water unit along with removal of the existing unit. Hot water unit upgrades and servicing are also part of this service.

Absolutely. We use CCTV camera lines to identify the causes of blockages and use a drain coil or jetter to remove obstructions or clear the drains.

Yes, we offer proactive and reactive works to keep rental units and corporate facilities running efficiently. This includes adhering to emergency call outs, replacing or repairing any plumbing assets, minor general maintenance and providing detailed reports to key stakeholders upon request.


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